Monday, 30 August 2010


We dropped in to have look round on our way back from Bristol/Exeter/Monmouth shenanigans,and we couldn't get in! 

You might think that this would be met with fear and loathing in las vegas, but NO! For the reason was - this:
front door

Why yes, that is a beautiful new front door, to which we currently have no key. And here's an upstairs window:
The balcony doors:
balcony windows
bathroom windows (if you squint a bit):
bathroom windows
And maHOOSive bedroom windows, too:

bedroom windows

Totally craptastic photos, of course, but such is life.

I must add that Clare has finally done a triathlon - she did the 'Little Woody' (I know! I'm calling it the Little Ted) half ironman.
transition faffbiking in
She did well, timing good etc. Details on facebook, I understand!

Congrats my love....


missfee said...

yippe yi yo
FABTASTIC news - love them so much

I checked out your place on street view - really cool!!!!

LynS said...

Wow - these are soooo sleek. Such a contrast to the faux castle effect of your previous front door. And congratulations to Clare on her triathalon - iron (wo)man indeed.